Hitting the Lottery

I was walking through the airport another day and a headline in USA Today captured my attention.

Until a month or two ago I, like most people, thought crime was falling. After seeing the headline I knew that I was incorrect. This was when I chose to see the PERF (Police Executive Research Forum) Report. The analysis gave a bunch of statistics about different cities along with their offense rate. I’d forgotten everything about the accounts until I was at the airport. And, was considering the crime speed growth.

The FBI report togel hongkong murders climbed by almost 2 percent and prosecution increased by 7 percent. I won’t list all of the numbers, that would be dull but one town was surprising and is worth mentioning:

Orlando: Murder: +123percent -Robbery: +27 percent. These are not just small they’re HUGE increases. Violence has re emerged as a main dilemma in most large cities like Orlando. Police imputed the previous decline in violent crime to a number of facets, probably the most notable; the split of crack cocaine medication markets and a greater police presence in communities. This most recent growth has become less uniform than the main one from the 1990s and most cities have been able to continue to keep violent crime .

Therefore basically what does all of this mean for you? No matter what the perception of your community is, it doesn’t matter how safe you believe it is, do not become complacent thinking’It will not occur to me’. You need to be attentive, know about your surroundings along with also the potential to develop into a victim.

There are just two other statistics that I thought would be worth mentioning; First, the overall rate of violent offense for 2006 was 473.5 a 100,000 people. And secondly, the chance of winning the grand prize in the Mega Millions is just 1 at 175,711,536. If you buy lottery tickets you better learn to protect your self as the probabilities to be a victim of a violent offense are 831,995 times more then winning the lottery.

Therefore my advice to you is do not need to experience life paranoid, just prepare yourself. Understand which you may protect yourself and learn the appropriate methods to achieve this. Like I said earlier it is irrelevant how fine of area your home is or just how safe you feel you may possibly be. You have to know about your surroundings so that you don’t become a statistic.

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